The Best Adjustable Height Desks For The Money

A Chiropractor's Review and Recommendations

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As a chiropractic physician my product recommendations are made with spinal biomechanics in mind as well as practical factors such as cost, ease of use, etc. I hope you find my recommendations useful; however, if you have a specific spinal problem or condition, and have not yet done so, it is recommended that you contact your qualified health care provider for specific recommendations that may apply to your particular case.

Peter C. Spathis, DC

Adjustable Height Desks

For the price, this is one of the best choices for this type of product - it allows you to easily go back and forth between sitting and standing which is recommended both for spinal health and circulation. As this has the features and advantages of more expensive similar products, if the dimensions work for you, I believe this is one you will want to consider and the one I would personally choose in this catagory

This is a good option for someone that needs a specific height stand-up workstation. It is "adjustable" as far as what the height needs to but then it would stay at this height; you cannot easily switch from sitting to standing so it would not be something that would be used as an adjustable height desk for office workers that want to be able to switch between the two positions.

I don't know that I'd call this an actual "stand up desk" but for the price, this may be an option for someone who can get by with a small adjustable height surface that allows them to avoid prolonged sitting, or perhaps, raises their computer screen to a more ideal height.

Even though this book holder is not a stand up desk, I've included this product here as it does allow for adjustment of the surface on which books can sit. I remember classmates using similar products back when I was in chiropractic school so they have been around for a while. For those who read for extended periods, esp. if they are currently doing so with a book on a flat surface, this should be a big help - it keeps the neck in a more neutral spinal position, decreases the pressure on spinal discs and reduces associated neck and upper back tension and pain. Although there are cheaper versions available, this is one of the best reviewed and is more likely to last as well as being able to handle thicker/heavier books.